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Roofing Services in Germantown, MD

When your roof is not in the best condition, it may be time for a replacement. Our roofing contractors in Maryland help homeowners throughout the area install a new roof and make needed upgrades to their homes. We serve Gaithersburg, Perry Hall, Kingsville, Necker, and homeowners throughout Maryland, helping every customer raise the value of their homes while enhancing the structure’s natural curb appeal.

Every Replacement Starts With a Thorough Consultation

We offer thorough consultations before writing your estimate. Our roofing contractors visit your Germantown home, walk the property with you, and write an estimate based on the work that should be done. 

Why Consider Replacing Your Roof?

Replacing your roof is often far more effective than completing several repairs every year. You will spend a lot of money on repairs, but the necessary repairs will become more costly over time. Eventually, there will be no way to avoid replacing the roof, and in that time, your home could be severely damaged.

Replacing the roof gives you the peace of mind of at least a limited-lifetime warranty and expert craftmanship. Plus, most homeowners see a massive return on investment, making a new roof one of the most effective home upgrades available.

Comprehensive Roof Replacement Services

When work begins, we remove the roof entirely so that we have access to the frame. If you have items stored in your attic, we ask that you remove them before the project begins. After removing the roof, we can repair damage to the studs, remove mold or mildew, and make changes to the frame as needed. The roof is installed, and your home is renewed with proper decking, underlayment, and shingles. We also install flashing and replace gutters as needed.

Our Germantown, MD Roofing Professionals

All of our Maryland roofing contractors are licensed and insured. 

Our owner is involved in every project to ensure that you get the best customer care, and we are happy to answer your questions during the project. You can come and go as you would normally, and we will let you know when the installation is complete. 

Trusted Roofing Replacement in Maryland

Contact The Home Wise Pros when you think it is time to replace your roof. Our Maryland roofing contractors help homeowners like you install new roofs every day. Not only does a new roof make your home more beautiful, but it provides you with the best possible protection from the elements for many years to come.