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The Home Wise Pros are dedicated to educating the public and our customers. These frequently asked questions will help shed light on basic issues you might experience with your roof. If you do not see answers to your questions, contact our office for more information.

While we do not recommend that you scale your roof for an inspection, you can review your roof from the curb or while circling your home. During a short walk, you might notice:

•Shingles that seem to be out of place

•Missing shingles

•Aggregate gravel, sand, or dust on the ground

•The appearance of standing water on the roof

•Sagging on the surface of the roof

•Apparent tears in the flashing

•Broken seals around pipes and vents

The exterior appearance of your roof might indicate that you need a replacement, but your attic also gives you an idea of the issues you are facing. If possible, climb in your attic or look up to the ceilings on your top floor to find signs of a deteriorating roof, including:

•Water stains on the ceiling

•Apparent water stains or runoff on exterior walls

•Obvious leaks in the attic

•Wet insulation

•An aggressive draft 

•Pest intrusion 

Spending money to repair your roof once or twice a year will not save money over the life of the roof. Replacing the roof gives you access to modern technology, better construction, and customization options.

Asphalt shingles are the industry standard. While we understand that you have several options (ceramic, wood, metal, slate,) asphalt shingles are:

•Durable and versatile

•Manufactured in several colors and shapes


•Capable of carrying several different textures

•Manufactured in several sizes

When the contracts are signed, it takes around two to four weeks to prepare for the project. Once we begin, 90% of our roof replacement jobs are completed in one to two days.

Yes, The Home Wise Pros are licensed and insured for your protection.

During a consultation, we collect as much information as possible to generate an estimate. Contact our offices for pricing and scheduling.

Yes. We complete a comprehensive consultation and leave you with an estimate you can review in your own time.

Our Home Wise Pros team uses shingles from Tamko, Owens Corning, GAF, and CertainTeed. Each manufacturer is different, and we will help you choose the products that best match your needs.

In the roofing industry, the standard is 40 to 50 years.

Our manufacturing partners offer a variety of warranties on their products. Generally, these warranties range from limited lifetime to lifetime protection depending on the product.